Preface to Second Edition

January, 2010

The first edition of the gByori Core Gazouh (Atlas of Gross Pathology and Histopathology of Human Disorders) was first published online in February 2007. However as this field does not stand still immediently following publication, a newly elected committee started the process of revise this atlas in 2008 in order to keep the contents updated. This endevour was undertaken with the endorsement of the Board of Directors of the Japanese Society of Pathology. It is my great honour and privilege to present the newly revised edition here, and importantly, open for public use through the portal site of the Japanese Society of Pathology:

In particular, the second edition is characterized by the following points;

  • 1.Five relatively junior (3 to 5 years membership history of the Japanese Pathological Society) were invited to participate in the selection of the relevant cases and illustrations. The reasoning behind this was that these individuals provide valuable insight from the standpoints of general pathologists or pathologists in training. This is possibly the most pivotal change in this updated editionand we belive that it helps to tailor this resource, not only for pathologists, but also for patients and students in other disciplines in health related fields.
  • 2.We attempted the standardization of illustrations and figure legends following the discussion among all the members involved.
  • 3.One hundred diseases (core 100) were selected and highlighted with a red star. They are indicated in this manner as they are essential for 3rd year and 4th year medical students to study as part of their medical education.
  • 4.The additional 148 disease categories were also deemed important in clinical practice and thus important in the 5th year and 6th years of undergraduate courses in Japanese medical schools.
  • 5.The Japanese Board of Oral Pathology also recommended a member, who kindly selected 10 diseases as minimal essential for students of dental science. These are termed the gDental Core 10h and highlighted with a blue star.
  • 6.The second edition makes it possible to study systematic (multi-organ) diseases using links to each organ systems, a function which was not present in the first edition of the atlas.
  • 7.All illustrations are accompanied by detailed and relevant explanations. The purpose of thisis to facilita a better understanding of the disease process by the students
  • 8.Additionally this edition has incorporated graphic illustrations which should help the students better understand their accompanying photomicrographs.

As a chairman of the Pathology Education Committee and editor of the 2nd edition, I would like to express my hearty appreciation to the previous committee members (Yutaka Tsutsumi, MD, Chairman, 2006-2008 and Takashi Nakajima, MD, editor of the first edition) for their excellent contributions and to acknowledge the reuse of a significant number of their illustrations in the second edition. I should also like to express my hearty gratitude to the enormous contribution of the all committee members, young associates (brush-up members) and society members for their excellent contributions in selecting pathology photographs.

Kennichi Kakudo, MD, PhD
Chairman of the Pathology Education Committee (2008-2010),
The Japanese Society of Pathology,

The editor also would like to appreciate the following contributors for making this second edition possible.

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